Our Proprietary Technology

iO BiO develops allogeneic immunotherapies designed to treat cancer and other diseases. The company’s technology allows any universal cell platform to be converted to a plug-and-play system and subsequently express any disease-targeting protein, enabling rapid portfolio development.

iO BiO uses its technology to develop its own immune cell therapies based on universal, stem cell-derived, Natural Killer cells engineered to express Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs).  Its technology allows the rapid development of new therapies enhancing the physician’s repertoire and increases access to life-saving cancer cell therapies for patients.

In addition, the iO BiO has extended the GEMS™ system to Chinese Hamster Ovarian cells to allow for streamlined, and less complex, manufacturing of biologics.

Gene-modified Cell Therapies

iO BiO Sciences combines its GEMS™ Technology with unique, clinical grade, human trophoblastic stem cells (hTSC). This stem cell outfitted with GEMS™ can be edited anytime to express a tumor targeting chimeric antigen receptor and be differentiated into tumor killing cells. Due to its proliferative capacity, a single clone of hTSC-GEMS™ cell can generate millions of cell therapy doses.

Off-the-shelf GEMSTM hTSC system


IP Suite that refines and improves gene editing
“We use gene-editing differently”, enabling precision editing and avoiding off-target integration.


Product build readily scalable to multiple new targets
Rapid portfolio development


Facilitates efficient off-the-shelf product model

Virus Free

Uses electroporation, saving time and reducing cost


Directed gene-editing affords biomanufacturing companies with new opportunities. Rather than finding editing opportunities in the existing genome we create editing opportunities by modifying the host cell with a unique heterologous DNA insert that facilitates controlled, directed, gene-editing.

iO BiO’s method reduces clone selection time and development time and cost as viral vector pool and clone selection is eliminated. Our system uses an already optimized cell line and the resulting clones expressing the mAb produce consistent & high output per cell due to the optimized system for the host cell.

With the GEMS plug and play system the exact same clone can be generated again and again. Therefore new entities can be de-risked with research material saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and many months in time. This cannot be achieved with viral vectors as the integration site can not be reproduced.

iO BiO Sciences Investors

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