Licensing GEMS™

iO BiO converts your therapeutic or manufacturing cell line with GEMS™ creating plug-and-play cell lines simplifying asset development saving time and money.

Gene-modified Cell Therapies

iO BiO’s technology is ideally suited to work with your universal cell line and make it a plug and play system for the effector cells allowing the integration of the CAR and or other donor genes.

  • Adaptable to Multiple, Boolean, CARs
  • Guided editing avoiding off-target insertion
  • Independent and/or Dependent Intracellular Signaling
  • Uses standard, virus-free, gene editing methods
  • Create new CAR cell lines in your universal cell within TWO weeks.
  • Potential to save Months in time and Millions of dollars by eliminating viral vectors.


IO BiO’s technology converts any mammalian cell line used for protein secretion in biomanufacturing into a plug and play producer system with only GOI as variable.

  • Allows for optimization of producer cell line
  • Enhance manufacturing of cell and biomolecules
  • Adaptable to single or multiple donor genes
  • Precision Editing via CRISPR or alternatives
  • Save months of RCB development time.
  • Go straight to clone selection, no viral vectors, no cell pools.

GEMS™ directed gene-editing affords cell therapy and biomanufacturing companies with new opportunities. Rather than finding editing opportunities in the existing genome GEMS™ create editing opportunities in a controlled, directed, gene-editing, virus-free, plug-and-play manufacturing system. The established GEMS™  modified cell source can be used over and over again to create new Cell Therapy assets or Protein producing cell line.

iO BiO will out-license the GEMS™ technology and convert customers universal therapeutic cell lines or protein manufacturing cell lines into plug-and-play, streamlined, manufacturing systems for rapid product portfolio development. iO BiO will create customer’s GEMS™ cell lines and inserts the GOI. The modified cell clones will be delivered to the customer or CDMO for expansion.

  • Reduced clone selection time
  • Reduced development time and cost
  • Consistent & high output per cell
  • Reproducible: can recreate clones
  • No viral vectors: saves time and cost

iO BiO Sciences Investors

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